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Welcome to beautiful and hospitable Witkowo Town and Commune


Ziemia Witkowska zaprasza


Dear Visitors!

Burmistrz Gminy i Miasta Witkowo - Marian GadzińskiWelcome to beautiful and hospitable Witkowo Town and Commune. It is a modern, clean and picturesque region. A strong local commitment from the locals and local government, combined with their wise economy in the management of money and other resources promotes the commune?s continuous development. Thus, Witkowo is becoming more attractive for the locals and more popular with visitors and investors seeking professional consultance and favourable business conditions. The local authorities have spared no efforts to encourage improvement in education, provide entertainment and promote active lifestyle in the region. Our residents have access to highly modernized learning, cultural and sports facilities, and can take part in a variety of cultural events organized in the region.

In need of further improvement, the community is affiliated with the Światowid Society Local Organization and Powidz Landscape Park Association. Witkowo is, furthermore, included in the Local Development Strategy LGD by Światowid Organization.

The region is famous for its extraordinary landscape values which attract a large number of visitors every year. They enjoy the beauty of surrounding woodlands and lakes.

Visit our commune, located in the most beautiful spot of Wielkopolska province. Spend your time in marvelous holiday resorts. See historic landmarks and discover the history of the region. Meet the inhabitants and feel the benefit of establishing social and economic relations with them. Visit Witkowo, enjoy the beauty of its nature and immerse yourself in the region?s memorable culture, history and experiences.

Witkowo Town and Commune Mayor
Marian Gadziński



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