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The most distinctive features of Witkowo are its unique nature, picturesque landscape and attractive surroundings. The area is described by a variable architecture and features many woodlands and lakes. Dozens of visitors every year choose the region for their holiday destination and have a chance to appreciate a well developed tourist infrastructure.

Nature Nature
Nature Nature

Each season bringing new vistas of colour and unique wildlife will delight every nature lover. The area is a landscape of rolling greenery, where trees and mills dot the fields and meadows, whilst the towns are proud of their heritage and history. Clean and healthy environment is home to many charming animal species, birds and fish. Their number is observed and controlled by three hunting associations and a branch of the Polish Angling Association. The members protect endangered species and look after the wildlife.

Nature Nature

Perhaps the most precious are the woodlands which cover 15 square miles of the region while almost 19-square-mile area is protected and belongs to Powidz Landscape Park.

The local authorities spare no effort to expand green cover across the towns and villages. New trees and shrubs are planted along roads, in parks, playgrounds and around village clubs every spring and autumn. Feel yourself relax in charming parks which offer the perfect antidote to your daily routine.

Kosciuszko Park in Witkowo City Park Wrzesinska street


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