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The main sectors of the local economy are agriculture, tourism and services. Witkowo commune is therefore a great holiday destination, as well as a lucrative investment opportunity. A large number of people work here in services, farming, craftwork, small-scale production or tourism.

Farming is definitely the most important sector of the local economy. There are 900 private farms in the region and each of them is on average 30 acres in area. Agricultural land class 2-6 covers 30 acres. Soil fertility indicator fluctuates around 0.94. The most popular crops are: wheat, rape, winter rape, sugar beet, potatoes, corn and feedstuff. The most common sub-sectors of animal production are: dairy farming and pig farming.

Despite the average soil fertility, average climatic conditions and insufficient water supply, good agricultural and economic conditions help to maintain high productivity in the region.

Economy Economy

There are over 700 enterprises in the region, most of which are trade, building, property dealing and food or timber processing companies. Small and medium enterprises have always been one of the priorities for local authorities

The economy of the commune has also revolved around the Powidz-based 7th Bomber-Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment. Since 1945, a number of inhabitants have been employed there. Located a  few kilometers from Witkowo, it is one of the biggest units of this type in Europe and a significant element of the region?s economy.

Economy Economy

Today?s fast pace of life and rapid technological development make modern infrastructure and efficient management important factors improving the quality of life. Every commune needs to be competitive and attractive for investors. With that in mind, the local authorities of Witkowo aim to expand technology infrastructure, protect the region?s environment, take care of the natural resources and finally, guarantee public safety at a local level.


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